How to Find the Perfect Black Friday Jewelry

Black Friday is right around the corner. And so are the best Black Friday deals. It’s the perfect time to shop for dazzling jewelry—and that too, for a steal!  

Brook & york has been a favorite haunt for jewelry shoppers all year round. With Black Friday discounts, it gets even better. Here are the top 10 Black Friday jewelry deals we picked from our most popular products.

woman wearing bracelet

Stella Pearl Toggle Bracelet

This bracelet is gorgeous and customizable, and it comes in either gold, silver, or rose gold, so you can be sure to pick your favorite look! This bracelet has a sleek, classic design, and it comes with the choice to add a monogram, a single initial, or keep it simple with no customization.

You can even pick from different fonts to get the perfect look for you! This personalized gift is really meaningful, and it will show the recipient that you truly care and have put a lot of thought into picking the perfect present for them. Bracelets are great because they look good with a variety of outfits that can be dressed up or down.

Colette Choker

The Colette Choker is a simple, classic piece that can be worn with any outfit. It comes in 14K gold, so it is durable, beautiful, and valuable. It can be layered with other necklaces or be worn alone to allow for multiple looks with this one choker. The paperclip style chain is trendy but will never go out of style, making it the perfect gift to give to the fashion-lover in your life.

Chokers are a great staple piece because they work with every outfit, and you can extend them to different lengths as well to get different looks out of them. At brook & york, we love the choker look, and they look great alone or layered with a variety of necklaces that differ in length to give a really elegant, elevated look.

Madeline Four Initial Pendant

Another idea for jewelry gifts is the Madeline Four Initial Pendant. This gift is great to personalize, as you get to choose from gold, silver, or rose gold, and you get to add up to four initials. You can gift this necklace to your mom and add the initials of her children for a truly memorable and personal present.

She will never take it off, and it is simple enough to match with any outfit while also making a statement. Another fun idea for this necklace would be to spell a four-letter word with the initials, such as “LOVE”, “HOPE”, or even a full name that consists of four letters.

woman wearing bracelet set

Wren Rose Quartz Bracelet Set

The Wren Rose Quartz Bracelet Set is a set of three bracelets for an extra special gift to give to your loved one. Rose quartz is believed to promote self-love, which is an important value to share with a special person in your life. Crystals are thought to have many great properties, and carrying one around on your wrist at all times will give the gift recipient a lot of joy and happiness.

These bracelets are cohesive, pretty, and will match with many outfits due to their gold color and subtle yet impactful design. Also, the bracelet set can be changed to fit your needs and can be engraved with your initials or a monogram for a more personal touch. The three bracelets can be worn in different configurations to allow for many looks. You can wear one, two, or all three at a time, or mix and match between wrists. You can also add other bracelets to the stack to create a truly beautiful jewelry array!

Lennon Anklet

The Lennon Anklet is made of 14K plated brass, and it comes in a unique chain design. The details are impeccable on this anklet, and it is a great jewelry gift idea. Anklets are great because they add some sparkle to any outfit, and they are flattering on everybody. The unique design of the Lennon Anklet is sure to make the recipient of your attention thrilled and feel like you truly care. The best part of giving a gift is seeing how happy it makes the recipient, and with the Lennon Anklet, you'll be sure to see nothing but smiles.

Hayley Classic Hoops

Be sure to check out the Hayley Classic Hoops, which are a staple in every outfit. These hoops will be a hit with every age group, making them a very versatile gift. They come in 14K plated brass and have a width of 2 inches. They work for daytime or nighttime outfits, which means that the gift recipient never has to take them off—and they'll probably never want to! Having a staple set of hoops is important, and everyone in your life will be elated to receive these gorgeous hoops as a gift.

Isabel Heart Pendant

The Isabel Heart Pendant is a necklace in the shape of a heart that can be personalized with an initial or monogram. It is the perfect gift to give to that special someone in your life, and they can wear this heart close to their heart. This necklace is simple and will be a gorgeous accessory to any outfit.

Additionally, you can personalize this gift with different fonts to get the perfect look. Heart jewelry is a great gift to give to a significant other as it shows your feelings and passion for the important person in your life. Giving this gift to your girlfriend will fill her heart with joy and is the perfect way to say “I love you!”

Demi Extra Thin Ring

A great gift for any ring lover in your life is the Demi Extra Thin Ring, which is a small gold ring that you can wear solo or stack with other rings. This ring comes in 14K plated brass. and it is very eye-catching. The band width is 1 mm, which means that it is simple, dainty, and gorgeous. Dainty rings are trendy right now, and they look great on everyone! Rings are a great accessory for any outfit, and it is impossible to have too many, which means that the Demi Extra Thin Ring is the perfect gift.

Nella Mini Nameplate Necklace

A super personalized and beautiful necklace is the Nella Mini Nameplate Necklace, which comes in gold, silver, and rose gold. This necklace can be personalized with a full name, and it comes in a beautiful cursive font. It is pretty, stylish, and great for daily wear because it will match any outfit. It is a very special gift that your recipient will cherish forever. It is also a very fun gift to get as a matching set, and you can give one to your friend and keep one for yourself so that you always have a piece of each other close by.

woman wearing coordinate bar necklace

Coordinate Bar Necklace

A unique and fun gift to give is the Coordinate Bar Necklace. This gift involves adding the coordinates of an important place for the recipient. You can give the location of a childhood home, the spot of a first date, the location someone was born at, the coordinates of a wedding destination, or the location of a favorite vacation spot. The possibilities are endless with the Coordinate Bar Necklace, and it is a great gift for a large variety of people. It will remind the recipient of your gift of a great time in their lives, and it is a truly special gift. It is great for your mom, girlfriend, sister, friend, and even for yourself!

Still not sure which is right for you?

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Black Friday jewelry deals from brook & york will help you find the perfect gifts for everyone in your life–and maybe even something for yourself!