Black Friday Jewelry Deals

Black Friday, the most anticipated shopping event of the year, is almost upon us. For those with an eye for style and a love for elegance, jewelry stands out as a quintessential purchase. Among the many jewelry brands out there, Brook & York has firmly established itself as a favored destination for enthusiasts all year round.

Our tasteful designs featuring a blend of classic and contemporary pieces, fine craftsmanship, and versatile collections have consistently won the hearts of shoppers. But as Black Friday rolls around, things at Brook & York are set to become even more enthralling.

Imagine our already sought-after jewelry pieces, but with deals that make the heart race just a tad faster. Below, we tell you about Brook & York’s deals and gems you absolutely can't afford to miss this Black Friday.

Why Shop at Brook & York this Black Friday?

Looking for unparalleled elegance in jewelry this Black Friday? Here is why Brook & York should be your ultimate shopping destination:

Site Discounts

Black Friday is synonymous with discounts, and Brook & York takes this tradition to the next level. You're not just getting discounts on select items or last season's stock.

Instead, we offer generous reductions across our extensive range of collections. The site-wide price reductions mean that whether you're eyeing a minimalist necklace or just stumbled upon a statement ring, you can expect it to come with a significantly lighter price tag.

Free Shipping

As if the allure of discounted jewelry isn't enough, Brook & York sweetens the deal further with free shipping. The joy of securing a piece you've been coveting is amplified when you realize you don't have to factor in additional shipping costs. Regardless of the size of your order, whether it's a single, delicate pendant or a more extensive collection of jewels, the shipping cost is absolutely zero.

Free Customization

At Brook & York, we believe that jewelry should be as unique as the person wearing it. Understanding the desire for personal touch and exclusivity, we are proud to offer free customization this Black Friday. Whether you're looking to engrave a special date, a name, or a meaningful word, our skilled craftsmen are at your service.

Fast Shipping

We know how eager our customers are to get their hands on our finely crafted pieces, especially after selecting the perfect design or making personalized changes. To ensure you don't have to wait long, we are committed to providing fast shipping on all our orders this Black Friday.

Long shipping times can often dampen the excitement of a purchase. But with our swift and efficient delivery system, your chosen pieces will be with you in no time.

Top Collections and Styles to Look Out For

Are you eager to refresh your jewelry collection with some standout pieces this Black Friday? Here's a guide to the top collections and styles at Brook & York that you should keep an eye on:

birthstone necklace

Birthstone Jewelry

There's a timeless charm to birthstone jewelry. Whether commemorating birthdays, anniversaries, or treasured holidays, these pieces offer a heartfelt way to remind someone of cherished memories and the significance they hold in your life.

At Brook & York, our vast birthstone jewelry collection includes pendants, earrings, and necklaces. Our collection spans from the deep reds of garnet to the mystical purples of amethyst, ensuring every month is represented beautifully. And if you wish to add an intimate touch, many of our birthstone offerings come with an option for engraving, amplifying their significance.

Madeline Initial Necklace

Elevate your style this festive season with the classic elegance of our Madeline two initial necklace. Whether you choose to wear it solo for a minimalist look or incorporate it into a trendy layered ensemble, its charm remains undeniable. The pendant in the necklace is crafted in choices of gold-filled, sterling silver, or rose gold-filled disc, embodying sophistication.

The hand-stamped initial on each pendant adds a personal touch, making it even more special. To ensure comfort and adaptability, the necklace comes with a 16" brass satellite chain, complete with a 2" extender.

layering set

Layering Sets

Step up your fashion game this Black Friday with Brook & York's standout layering sets. Whether you're in the mood for layered necklaces, stackable bracelets, or coordinated earring sets, we've got the perfect combination for you.

Typically, our sets comprise two to three meticulously chosen pieces designed to complement each other and elevate your overall look. One of our signature offerings in this collection is the pairing of a gleaming gold chain necklace with an engravable pendant, allowing for that personal touch.


Dress your ears in elegance and style this Black Friday with Brook & York's exquisite earring collection. We present an array of earring types, from classic sets and hoops to the sophistication of pearl earrings and the modern appeal of trendy huggies, edgy climbers, and ear cuffs. Each piece encapsulates the contrast of urban chic with coastal grace, offering something special for every jewelry lover.

diamond jewelry

Diamond Jewelry Collection

Add some sparkle to the festive season with our diamond collection, which promises unparalleled elegance and timeless charm. Diamonds, with their sparkle and classic allure, have always been the epitome of luxury and sophistication.

In our exquisite collection, you'll find perfectly crafted diamond stud earrings, intricately designed bracelets, necklaces that capture the essence of grace, and rings that make an everlasting statement. Given the unmatched charm and luxury of diamonds, any item from this collection becomes the ideal gift for her, symbolizing love, appreciation, and timeless beauty.


Brook & York has reinvented the classic locket, presenting a collection that marries tradition with contemporary finesse. These pieces are not just holders of cherished memories but are also customizable, allowing you to engrave personal touches for a truly unique gift.

We've transformed the once bulky design, introducing slim, elegant lockets that effortlessly complement daily outfits. They sit gracefully on an 18-inch cable chain, ensuring they're lightweight and versatile.

New Arrivals

Stay ahead in the fashion game by checking out our latest new arrivals. From bracelets and earrings to necklaces and rings, our curated range has something for every jewelry enthusiast.

For instance, you can set the trend with the dazzling Skyler Zodiac Pendant. It features a golden zodiac symbol that resonates with your astrological sign, making it both personal and stylish.

Let your sentiments be visible with the timeless allure of the Isla Heart Locket, a piece that merges sentiment with sophistication. And if opulence is your call, the Laurel Pearl Vermeil Lariat, adorned with pristine white pearls and radiant vermeil gold, promises to be your crowning jewel.

More Best Sellers Await

Craving for more? Dive into an ocean of best-selling jewelry and find the pieces that resonate with unique style statements and individual preferences. For instance, our Willow layering set is a fusion of a sleek paperclip chain link necklace with a customizable pendant, allowing you to wear your story.

Don't miss the coordinate date bar necklace, a sentimental favorite that immortalizes your cherished moments and milestones. Dive into other exquisite creations like the Stella pearl toggle necklace, the Gwen date cuff bracelet, the enchanting Wren rose quartz bracelet set, and more.

Don’t Miss Out on These Black Friday Jewelry Deals

As Black Friday dawns, there's no better time to refresh your jewelry box with the chic elegance of Brook & York's collections. Whether you're treating yourself or searching for the perfect gift, these curated pieces promise a blend of timeless charm and contemporary style. Dive into Brook & York's Black Friday sale and indulge in dazzling jewelry that truly resonates with your style and emotions. For more options, check out our recommendations for the perfect Black Friday jewelry.