Ring Size

Ring Sizing Guide
Ring Sizing Guide

Determining your ring size can be a bit of a guessing game, but by following some simple best practices, you can help prevent the nuisance of a too-loose or too-tight ring. Just for you, we’ve gathered some of our most frequently asked questions and provided a handy reference guide to help you navigate your purchase!

How Do I Measure my Ring Size?

For the most accurate ring sizing, we highly recommend having your measurements taken by a professional jeweler with a ring sizer. However, we understand that this isn’t always possible due to the ring being a surprise gift, not having local access to a jeweler, or being on a time constraint.

The next best way to determine ring size would be to borrow a ring the recipient already owns and wears on the desired ring finger. Measure the inner diameter of the ring and use the ring size chart above to determine the appropriate ring size for your giftee. Please make sure to check the product specifications of your desired ring for the most up to date information on finding an accurate fit.

If the recipient doesn’t have a ring they regularly wear on that finger, you can also try measuring their finger with a piece of string. Though this is a less accurate method due to the string possibly stretching, it is an accessible method as you can use any piece of yarn, string, or even floss to do it! Wrap around their finger close to the knuckle and mark the length where the string overlaps. Measure that length with a ruler, compare that length to our sizing chart, and you will find a good estimate for your ring size.

What Ring Sizes Are Offered by brook & york?

Most brook & york rings are available in women’s ring sizes from 5 through 9. However, select styles may vary and may only be available in sizes 6 through 8. Brook & york does not carry any men’s rings sizes at this time.

Does brook & york Offer Half Ring sizes?

Currently, brook & york only offers whole ring sizes, meaning we offer sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. If you measure a half ring size such as 6.5 or 7.5, we recommend rounding up to the nearest whole size. Though it may be looser than what is preferable, it will be able to pass over your knuckle without struggle.

Can brook & york Rings be Resized?

The process of resizing often means cutting a section of the ring band and reshaping it to be larger or smaller. Many brook & york designs feature detailing wrapping all the way around the ring band, making it impossible to resize without destroying the style. Brook & york is happy to offer easy returns and exchanges on all fashion and non-personalized jewelry.

What is the Return Policy on brook & york Rings?

All non-personalized rings that are in their original condition are happily accepted as a return within 60 days of purchase. Items that have been engraved or otherwise made-to-order are not returnable. For more information on how to return an item, please follow the steps listed on our Returns and Exchanges page.