Necklace Length Guide

Brook & york necklaces come in a wide variety of chain lengths to fit any outfit style. From curb chains to singapore chains, we offer a nearly endless assortment of designs and combinations to choose from. Variety like ours can make accessorizing perfectly a difficult task. With that in mind, we’ve created this simple guide to help you identify the best choker, standard necklace, or long necklace for you – no matter the occasion!

Choker Necklaces

Our chokers typically range from 13” to 14” in length and may have up to an additional 2” of an extender included. This length fits securely around the neck, and in some cases may rest just above the collarbone. The choker style elongates the neck and can soften the angles of a squared face for an elegant look.

Style Tips: Before buying a choker, measure your neck with a soft measuring tape to get an idea of where your necklace will fall on you. For a little more length, try our one-inch, two-inch, or three-inch extenders! (Note: Extenders will only work with lobster clasp closures, not toggles.)

Standard Necklaces

The majority of our popular necklace styles fall in the length range of 16” to 18”. Most of these styles come with a little extra length to be adjustable. However, this length range is where many of our toggle necklace styles appear, and they cannot be adjusted due to their closure being part of the necklace’s design. 16” necklaces reach to about the collarbone on most adult women, but may also hover just above it, depending on your body’s unique shape. 18” necklaces should hit the collarbone or dip just below it.

A length from 17”-18” is commonly referred to as a Princess necklace, and if you were to use the full length of your necklace’s extender, you would achieve what’s known as a Matinee-style necklace. Brook & york standard necklaces add a sophisticated look to heart shaped faces, and are among some of the most common necklace lengths available.

Long Necklaces

Long necklaces by brook & york typically fall at or below the bustline. Measuring from 24” to 30”, these fashion and personalized styles carry the shine of gold downward for a cohesive look when paired with bracelets at your wrists and hoops at your ears. 30” necklaces can look best on those with tall frames or long torsos. A shorter person may prefer scaling down a necklace to the 24”-26” range. Those with round faces benefit best from these lengths, as they can help create the illusion of a longer face.

Style Tips: While most long necklaces are worn at their full length, select styles like our Emma Wrap Necklace can be looped over for a dramatic look. Experiment a little with your styling, whether that’s wrapping one necklace or pairing a standard-length pendant with a long chain.


What necklace length is best for what type of top?

While there are no set rules for styling, we’re happy to offer some guidance on popular ways to pair necklaces with different shirt cuts. Focusing mostly on the collar of the blouse, we can accentuate and elevate any look.

For chokers, we recommend wearing clothing with wide necklines. This includes styles such as boat necks and off the shoulder tops. With such a bold cut and an alluring gold choker, this shirt or dress pairing is lovely and noteworthy. Some may also enjoy wearing chokers with a tank top and a traditional button-up shirt, as the necklace allows for just a hint of gold to shine through the raised collar beautifully.

Standard necklaces are by far the most versatile. More important than the specific neckline is the depth of the cut. If you’re wearing a scoop neck or v-neck shirt, consider wearing a necklace that emulates that design. A v-shaped pendant or necklace with a large design will shine glamorously in those styles. Standard necklaces are great picks for tees, tanks, and everything in between! High-necked designs such as turtlenecks or mock-necks can work with standard sized necklaces, but we would recommend sticking with long necklaces for those.

Long necklaces are an excellent way to cut through the bulk of cozy winter turtlenecks. Choosing this style for high-necked designs is a great way to achieve formality with a top that's often considered an informal look. Elegant lariats are also great picks for formalwear. Occasions with long gowns can benefit greatly from the addition of long necklaces.

What lengths layer well together?

When choosing to layer chain necklaces or a chain with a pendant, we recommend choosing necklaces with varied lengths to achieve a cohesive look. If you were to choose two necklaces of the same length, they could become tangled or look cluttered on your body. Pairing a choker with a standard necklace, or a standard necklace with a long necklace, are timeless looks we adore. While it’s ultimately up to you, we would caution against pairing a choker with a long necklace, as it may create an unflattering gap between the two.

How do you choose accessory jewelry to pair with your necklace?

When adding more jewelry to your ensemble, you have to keep a delicate balance in mind. Choose too many bold picks and your jewelry can look gaudy. Choose too many simple picks and you run the risk of looking unbalanced.

For a visually cohesive look, we have a few recommendations. Thin necklaces and chokers can be elevated with statement earrings. A simple pair of hoops goes a long way toward livening up a small necklace. When wearing long necklaces, consider adding one or a stack of bracelets to keep the eye moving, rather than gathering attention at your stomach. For everyday outfits that don’t use necklaces, we recommend going bold with either your rings or earrings and subtle with the other. This will draw attention to your face or hands and prevent an excessively bold look.