Birthstone by Month

Birthstones By Month

What is the Origin of the Twelve Birthstones?

Birthstones have had a long and varied history with roots dating back to biblical origin. In the Book of Exodus, the first high priest, Aaron, wore a breastplate embedded with 12 different stones to symbolize the 12 tribes of Israel. This concept, combined with more spiritual beliefs of other cultures, gave rise to a modern connection between the months of the year and birthstones.

In 1912, the National Association of Jewelers standardized the list of birthstones by month. This has since evolved to add more variations to accommodate other historical considerations but has largely remained consistent for the past 100 years.

Why Do Some Months Have Multiple Birthstones?

Months like June, October, November, and December have multiple birthstones for both historical reasons and monetary reasons. Many of these stones have been held in high regard for conventional and spiritual traditions. The addition of these gemstones to certain months is an homage to those beliefs.

As well, some months have ended up with multiple birthstone options to make buying birthstone jewelry more affordable. This allows jewelers to sell more products and allows receivers to celebrate their birth month without having to pay extreme sums for rare or hard to find gems.

I Have a June Birthday but Love September’s Birthstone. Do I Have to Wear My Month’s Birthstone?

Not at all! While every month’s assigned birthstone is popular for those born in those months, you should always rock a style that feels most comfortable to you. These stones may be a good guide for gifting, but ultimately choose the jewelry that you will feel happiest wearing.

How Long Will It Take to Make My Custom Birthstone Jewelry?

Select birthstone styles may ship within 24 hours, but any personalized birthstone jewelry with engravings may take 3 to 5 days for processing. For the best estimate, please check the product description of your desired style. Shipping times will vary based on distance and selected shipping service.

Can brook & york Birthstone Jewelry Be Returned?

Birthstone jewelry by brook & york is generally accepted for returns and exchanges, with the exception of our engraved and otherwise personalized products. For more information, check out our Returns and Exchanges page.

January – Garnet:

Traditionally a deep, soulful red, the January garnet is a popular birthstone for a reason. While garnets can come in a variety of hues, this January birthstone is often represented in red as a gleaming start to the new year.

February - Amethyst:

The gentle beauty of the amethyst is a delicate way to style any day. Available in vibrant violets and pretty purples, this birthday gemstone has a major range in color and application to your look. The February birthstone color can vary in shade from light to dark but is always stunningly sweet.

March – Aquamarine:

Sparkling and simple, the beautiful shine of this light blue stone is perfect for welcoming in the transition to springtime. As the March birthstone, aquamarine inlaid into gold or silver is a perfect birthday gift for her. Choose a versatile piece whose brightness is great for daily wear at any time of the year!

April – Diamond:

Tried and true, the diamond is called a girl’s best friend for good reason. A shining example of timeless beauty, the diamond April birthstone can be paired with any number of other favorite stones. Mixed with our modern designs, our diamond-inspired jewelry is sure to have something delicate and dainty for everyone.

May – Emerald:

A rich green gem on everyone’s minds, emerald birthstones are classic for the May birthday girl. The luxurious appeal of this gem is popular in simple necklaces and bracelets like our Jules Birthstone Necklace and Bracelet. Dress up with an elegant emerald for a regal May birthstone that is sure to catch a few eyes.

June - Pearl, Alexandrite:

As one of the lucky months to have multiple birthstones attributed to it, June birthday girls can pick from a wider variety of beautiful jewelry. Enjoy the graceful fashion of pearl inlay jewelry or choose from the sweet pink of Alexandrite. Our June birthstone jewelry is crafted with the alluring pink color of Alexandrite, but we also carry numerous pearl jewelry options fit for the birthday girl.

July – Ruby:

Make a statement with the bold July birthstone – a radiant ruby. This dazzling gemstone is a featured stone in many designer styles for its rich hues and effortless style. Ruby birthstones are a stylish way to celebrate any July birthday, and their bright red colors are perfect for accenting with a sophisticated summertime outfit.

August – Peridot:

A light green jewel with lots to say, the peridot birthstone is an unusual pick, but a beautiful one. August birthstones vary in cuts and styles, but each carries that special touch of a scintillating stone. When paired with gold, the August peridot creates a fabulous statement piece of jewelry for her.

September - Sapphire:

Deep blue and mesmerizing, the September birthstone is a stunning jewel that has been beloved for centuries. Sapphire birthstones have a rich coloration and an even richer history, making it a timeless gem style for women of all ages. Beautiful when set in gold or silver, this popular stone can add a feeling of luxury to any look.

October - Opal, Pink Tourmaline:

Pink and white are always a cute combination, and the two October birthstones are no exception! Delightful pink tourmaline birthstones and reflective white opal birthstones with pink and blue undertones are a dazzling way to freshen your look. Most brook & york birthstones for October are fashioned after pink tourmaline, but we also offer a number of necklace styles inlaid with opal for that perfect everyday piece!

November – Citrine, Topaz:

Brook & york is delighted to introduce your next staple gemstone: the yellow and orange Citrine. November’s birthstone is a lovely and vibrant color perfectly suited for your autumnal collection. Citrine birthstones have a unique coloration that is favored for its beautiful range of tones. November birthdays can also select the multicolored topaz for a greater variety of color options.

December – Zircon, Turquoise, Tanzanite:

Rounding out the list are the beautiful blue birthstones of December. Zircon, Turquoise, and Tanzanite are three acceptable choices for celebrating December birthdays. Varying in color and opaqueness, the three have unique properties that make them each appealing options. Brook & york birthday jewelry is modeled after zircon birthstones for December, but turquoise jewelry is also carried in a variety of rings, earrings, and necklaces.