Violet Initial Matrix Pendant
Scarlett Initial Matrix Pendant
Violet Initial Pendant
Scarlett Initial Pendant
Addison Three Name Pendant
Addison Two Name Pendant
Addison Name Pendant
Addison 14K Name Pendant
Violet 14K Initial Pendant
Scarlett 14K Initial Pendant
June Three Initial Pendant
June Two Initial Pendant
Talia Nameplate Bracelet
Nella 14K Mini Nameplate
Nella Mini Three Initial Pendant
Nella Mini Two Initial Pendant
Nella Three Initial Pendant
Nella Two Initial Pendant
Luna Three Initial Pendant
Luna Two Initial Pendant
Nella 14K Nameplate Ring
Talia Nameplate Necklace
Sofia Spaced Name Choker
Sofia Spaced Name Necklace

Fine Jewelry

Our favorites, upgraded. We’ve enhanced our most popular pieces with unmatched quality. Shop 14k gold jewelry, 14k rose gold jewelry, and fine sterling silver jewelry for that special someone, or treat yourself to the trendy necklace, pretty ring, or cool bracelet of your choosing. Timeless and elegant, 14k gold charms are the perfect addition to any chain, and 14k custom earrings are the standout piece you need. Make it meaningful with this luxury jewelry that comes in engraved necklaces, personalized rings, and even hand cut nameplate earrings.

These meaningful 14k gold necklaces are the perfect gift for her with detailed custom engraving and cuts. Whether a birthday gift or Valentine’s Day gift, this fine jewelry selection can’t be missed. Shop the fashionable necklaces and cool earrings that she’ll love to love.

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