Winter Weddings

Winter weddings are some of the most beautiful of all. With glamorous frost-coated backgrounds and sweet moments of warmth captured in the snow, we love the enchanting beauty of these darling weddings. Whether you’re a bridesmaid, the mother of the bride, or the bride herself, outshine it all with standout wedding jewelry. 

For Bridesmaids Jewelry: 

Bridesmaids are likely to wear jewel-toned colors in this season, so brook & york gold jewelry is a perfect match for winter weddings. For a cohesive look, we’d recommend choosing one of our shining collections to pull picks from. A popular option is our Emilia Collection, whose bold necklace would be perfect for your bridesmaids, while the bride can wear her choice of Emilia drop or stud earrings that match. The warmth of the peach crystals will help the richness of the colorful dresses and the sweet pairing of clear crystal and mother of pearl add a level of formality perfect for any luxe wedding. 

For Mother of the Bride Jewelry: 

Also popular, and a little more subtle, are our Caroline and Emery picks from our Crystal Collection. Glittering jewelry embedded with shining crystals, these gold bracelets, trendy necklaces, and sophisticated earrings are perfect for the noteworthy mother of the bride! A featured lady deserves a spectacular look, and our crystal jewelry collection draws the perfect amount of attention. 

For Bridal Jewelry: 

Draw gasps as you walk down the aisle by pairing lovely statement jewelry with your beautiful dress. Go bold with the brook & york Nora Pearl Pendant or keep your wedding jewelry simple with our crystal Leia Pendant and thin hoop earrings. This beautiful gold pieces can match your bridesmaids or stand independently if that’s your preference. Wedding necklaces and bridal earrings make an impact no matter the cut of your dress or how you style your hair. Curate your look on that special day with brook & york jewelry.