What to Know About Initial Jewelry

Who's initials do you put on initial jewelry?

Which initials to engrave on initial jewelry come down to who the jewelry is for. If you are creating a custom piece for yourself, engraving your initials is a popular choice. When giving a gift, you can engrave the initials of the recipient, or a loved one. For instance, for a wedding gift you may give the bride a bracelet engraved with her new initials monogrammed, or for mom you could gift her with a pendant necklace engraved with the initials of her children. Initial jewelry is a great way to represent a loved one or showcase your own initials in a chic and trendy way.

How many initials are on initial jewelry pieces?

There are a variety of options for initial jewelry to meet your personalization needs. We offer one, two, and three initial engraving depending on the style. The number of initials you chose to include all come down to personal preference and your desired jewelry style. A single initial style can be more simple chic compared to a multiple initial monogram piece that provides a more statement finish. A two initial pendant necklace can also be customized to represent two different people, for instance the first initials of two children as a gift for mom. Ultimately the number of initials that you wish to include come down to your desired statement and finish.