What are the Best Romantic Gifts for Her?

Chocolates and flowers are one thing, but if you’re looking for a romantic gift she’ll cherish, jewelry is by far the best present for her. Jewelry is a beautiful way to express your love any day, but it’s especially meaningful during the season of love! 

When it comes to gifting jewelry, knowing her preferred metal type and general aesthetic are helpful in picking out a design. Beyond that, knowing about her day-to-day life can help determine what kind of jewelry is best for her. Someone who is very active may not want a necklace that could snag or bounce around while she’s running or working. Similarly, someone who spends a lot of time crafting with her hands may not want a bold ring. Rings are another danger zone entirely during the Valentine’s season, so be wary of any miscommunication if you aren't ready to pop the question. 

Our favorite go-to romantic gifts for her range from custom pendants to classy stud earrings.

1. Engraved Necklaces

Thoughtful necklaces engraved with a date important to her or hand stamped with both of your initials are popular presents. Taking the extra care to design a piece that’s personal is a sure way to hold a special place in her heart. Whether it’s the coordinates of the first apartment you shared or the day you two met, creating a gold necklace that entirely keeps her in mind is a swoon-worthy surprise. 

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2. Pretty Pendants 

Whether your relationship is new, or if you just think your love would prefer a statement necklace, beautiful gold pendants are a wonderful birthday, Valentine’s Day, or anniversary gift for her. Brook & york carries a variety of crystal, pearl, and birthstone necklaces that are the perfect elegant addition to her collection. From bold picks like our Emilia Necklace to our simple Jules Birthstone Necklace, there’s something for everyone among this sweet assortment. 

Tip: Not quite sure of her style? Ask a family member or one of her friends! They may be able to point you toward something truly memorable. 

3. Chain Necklaces

A bit unorthodox, but oh-so-stylish, chain necklaces are a sweet way to add versatility to your girl’s wardrobe. Any fashionista will appreciate a bold curb link chain or simple singapore chain. Additional chains can revamp old looks and help her come up with a statement look she can mix and match by the day. Chain necklaces are a great gift once you’ve gotten to know someone a little better, as some may find them a little casual for a first Valentine’s Day or anniversary. 

Tip: Our chain necklaces also come in pre-arranged layering sets, taking out any guesswork! 

4. Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are some of our favorite go-to romantic gifts. The practicality of these cute pieces plus their sweet intentions makes them an everyday present she won’t think twice about donning. Studs are arguably the most popular style of earring just because they don’t get caught on hair or tangled with necklaces like hoops and dangling earrings often do. Choose her initials to design a custom pair of gold, silver, or rose gold earrings, or choose from one of our many premade designs. 

5. Hoop Earrings

For a night out, there’s no alternative to shining hoop earrings. If your girlfriend or wife loves going out with friends and dressing up, a beautiful pair of hoops makes the outfit. Elevate her look with a pair of Taylor Pearl Hoops or Piper Long Bar Hoops that will make her brag about you every time someone compliments her earrings (which will be all night long – trust us, we would know). Shop a dazzling pair of hoop earrings for a romantic gift she’ll turn to for every occasion.