What Are the Best Date Night Jewelry Pieces?

Heading into the Valentine’s Day season, it’s likely your style and your sweetheart are on your mind. Date night jewelry comes in many varieties, so to help you cut through the clutter, we thought it was time to go over some of our favorites. Whether you’re planning a first date outfit or just want some time away from the kids, cocktail rings, custom necklaces, chains and more create some of the cutest date outfit ideas.

Close up: an assortment of cocktail rings are nestled into a pink jewelry display case

Cocktail Rings

Noticeable and stylish, bold cocktail rings are great for dates to coffee shops or getting drinks together at a local bar. These rings are larger than the majority of stackable rings you might enjoy. With a strong focal point wrapped around your coffee cup or cocktail glass, these rings are a beautiful way to dress up for a simple date. Brook & york cocktail rings come in personalized and non-personalized varieties. Our Bria and Maya Coin Rings are two lovely pink and white ring options without customization, and we offer several bold signet ring designs that come custom engraved with your initial or monogram. These attention-grabbing gold rings are some of our favorite go-to pieces for their easy styling and strong presence. 

Three gold necklaces dangle, showing initial and monogram engravings on their pendants.

Engraved Necklaces

Custom necklaces can come with many different engraving styles, from a bar with coordinates to a simple monogram pendant. Among the easiest jewelry styles to accessorize with, these classic styles fit many blouses and can be worn without any other accompanying pieces. Plus, three letter monograms can make a great conversation piece! No? Just us? Fair enough. 

Our favorite engraved necklaces are a group of pretty pendants - some of which are also available in silver and rose gold! Our Willow Pendant is a feminine design that can be worn with or without an engraving. Lovely in any font style, this monogrammed necklace is a fan favorite for layering. Another top pick is the brook & york Margot Pendant. With a unique structure, this necklace has that eye-catching glamour perfect for rocking at a concert.  

A set of gold stud earrings with pearl inlay are nestled into a round, pink jewelry box.

Pearl Earrings

...But upgraded. This isn’t your grandma’s first date, after all. While classic pearls are timeless, we think our alluring pearl earring designs take things to a much-needed modern height. We offer a rich assortment of pearl stud, drop earring, and hoop designs to accent any occasion. Simulated pearls are strung daintily along our gold Taylor Pearl Hoops (which, while we’re at it, make fantastic bridesmaid gifts!). For an edgier look, we adore the way our Millie Pearl Earrings dangle a delicate chain. This style mimics sleek drop earrings while keeping the secure clasp of a stud. Mother of pearl inlay earrings are also available in huggie styles and fancy gold studs. With so many options to choose from, brook & york pearl earrings can cover just about any type of date. 

Six gold chain bracelets are lined up next to each other. Each is a different type of chain.

Chain Bracelets

There’s nothing wrong with keeping things simple! If you’re particularly nervous for your first date or know that you’ll be on the move, chain jewelry is a great way to avoid any troublesome tangles. If you plan on ice skating, bowling, or even rock climbing together, gold chains are a cute way to show that you’re interested without risking damaging fancier pieces. Chain bracelets can either be bold, such as our Ella curb link bracelet, or thin and elegant like our Madeline Bracelet. Brook & york chain bracelets also come in uniquely textured varieties with twisted chains and stylized links. For your next active date, consider shopping for a sophisticated chain accessory. 

Three pairs of different drop and stud crystal earrings are set into a white jewelry display box.


Elegant and dreamy, crystal jewelry is a fabulous way to dress up. If it’s a fancy dinner date, Christmas party date, or even being an emergency plus one at a wedding, crystal jewelry has you covered. The daintiness of this jewelry allows you to wear multiple pieces without it looking gaudy. Feel free to pair a crystal bracelet with a matching necklace, earring set, or ring and feel confident all night long. The brook & york Emilia collection is the boldest of our crystal picks with peach crystals, mother of pearl, and clear crystal – but if you’re looking for what to wear on a first date, check out our Frances collection for just a sweet hint of shine. 

Gold layering necklace sets are artfully arranged.

Layered Jewelry

Doubling up with one of our recommended layering sets can add a daring accent to your date look. Brook & york offers necklace sets, earring sets, bracelet sets, and even a few ring sets pre-arranged to make your decision-making easier. Some options are sleek and simple like our new Alice Pearl Layering Set, while others like our Willow Layering Set are more dramatic. A great option for those who have been dating for a while, these cool sets can add something new to make regular date night more memorable.