The Only Thing Your Girlfriend Wants for Valentine’s Day

So maybe you’re sitting there reading this here blog thinking, “I’m already too late! Valentine’s Day is this week Friday and I have NOTHING. No good ideas and it’s already too late and it’s obviously the end of the world.” Well, first of all, can I offer you some helpful advice and that is start by taking a deep breath!! A non panicked state of mind is the key to starting this Valentine’s Day Gift Journey. Secondly, can we say you came to the right place? Whether you are a) a significant other in search of a gift for your girlfriend or b) the aforementioned girlfriend who will, after reading this blog, send it to your significant other as a not-so-subtle and, honestly, very helpful shopping hint - we are here to help! 

Now, we may be a biased opinion here, BUT, let’s just kick this list off with a personal and fan favorite: the classic Coordinate Cuff Bracelet. I prefer it in gold, other members of the b&y team own it in silver. To each their own! It’s universally loved for good reason though. It’s so easy to remember a time and place of significance in every relationship. Maybe you met your girlfriend at a wedding two summers ago on Cape Cod, and while Vampire Weekend already wrote a song about that, you can give the coordinate bracelet as a(nother) reminder of that time and place that started it all. Or you remember the street corner you were standing at when you turned to her to tell her you love her. It’s mushy and cheesy but that’s what this holiday was built for - leaning into the cheesy and put it on this beautiful cuff bracelet as a little reminder for you both. 

Another fan fav (can we say that about all of our jewelry?? Because we love them all!! Like trying to pick your favorite child!! But we digress..) is the Halsey Two Initial Pendant. Sticking with the cheesy theme of the holiday, this is a great piece to get with you and your S.O.’s initial’s on it. It’s a subtle and classy way of being able to keep your names close all day long.

Maybe you’re married to someone who isn’t big into the cheesy romantic sentimentality of initials or coordinates, that’s fine, we all know and love people like that. Just because they don’t want a piece of jewelry with the date of your first kiss on it (okay but that IS a cute idea, you could put it on a Date Bar Necklace maybe? But again, we digress). There are so many beautiful pieces that don’t mean something because what is on the jewelry but mean something because you are giving it to them. So often it’s not a specific thing people want, but to be thought of in the act of giving. They want to know you thought about them, even if it was a little last minute and you need to buy them a gift and give them a printed out picture of it in anticipation of it being shipped to you. We’ve all been there. We also make it easy to kill two birds with one stone, a quick and easy turnaround with beauty and elegance. 

We can’t stop thinking about this new necklace we just released, the Phoebe Toggle Necklace, which feels like the perfect piece for your girlfriend who has a classic style and a propensity for warmer weather. If she’s anything like all of us, she’s ready and waiting for days where we no longer have to wear our big puffer jackets. This gold toggle necklace is chunky in the best ways while being subtle enough to make it your go-to piece every day this week. 

Or if she likes a bit of color and pop, our Nola Gemstone Bracelet in Rose-Quartz is the perfect way to say I love you. Rose quartz is the stone that represents universal love, an open heart and kindness for the ones you care about most. It feels as though we shouldn’t have to explain why this bracelet is the most romantic gift for your girlfriend. She will love it, and if she doesn’t we know an office full of ladies over here that will melt over it. 

As we said, Valentine’s Day isn’t always about what the gift is but the fact that you thought about your love enough to want to get them something. But as long as you are thinking about them and something to get them, why not get them something they will actually love and will last longer than the one day. Now, we’re not discouraging you from something a little more temporary, like a beautiful bouquet of flowers, but maybe pair it will something shiny and sparkly, too? Take it from us, we’re sure she will love it.