The Best Jewelry Gift For Your Grad

It’s that time of year again! The sun is shining, the socially distanced beach days are more frequent and we’re all trying to figure out what the plan is for this fall - for us and for students. Graduation and it’s celebration looked a little different this year than they normally do, and so does sending those grads off to school. Whether it be in a safe way back at their university, or to their parent’s guest bedroom where they will be attending virtually.  There are so many good things to be celebrated in a time when it’s easy to focus on the bad. One thing that remains true throughout it all though: graduation gifts have not gone out of style. In fact, we’d argue now more than ever is a time to give a little special attention to your grad for this big accomplishment in their life! 

For the high school grad who’s leaving home (eventually):

It’s a classic for a reason. Sometimes you’re not looking for a bold splash when you head off to college, that is a big enough change. Sometimes what the grad needs is a reminder of where they came from, who they are through all the change. Our classic and cute coordinate bar necklace is a perfect and meaningful gift. Send them off into the world with a little bit of home to take with them. This timeless piece comes in gold, silver or rose gold, so you’re able to customize the look and location for your graduate. 

For the graduate who will soon be a “real adult” with a “real job:”

It’s a harsh (or welcomed) reality that comes eventually for everyone. You hand in your last term paper, you pack up your room in a house you shared with all of your friends. Sometimes in a true act of “adulting” your parents even kick you off their phone plan. The mix of the unfun and really exciting parts of graduating from college all come together at once. And this year all of it looks a bit different, but that doesn’t mean it’s not time to start building your grown up wardrobe. While you probably have a random blazer here or a pair of heels there, the rubber really starts to hit the road after college when you realize you can’t wear your legging and sweatshirts to the office. Or even to your zoom meetings! While video allows you to keep it casual on the bottom, there’s an art to keeping it comfy - yet professional - on top. The key to that is: the jewelry. Throw on a few necklaces and a bracelet and you’re good to go. A plain sweater suddenly looks like a put together outfit! And might we suggest the perfect, already put together, Willow Layering Set! Half the battle is figuring out what goes together, and that’s made so much easier when it’s already done for you. Your grad will love this gift and look professional while wearing it. 


For the one who’s been ready for the real world for a long time:

Everyone knows that graduate, whether they’re graduating from high school or college, they’re been ready to be an adult. They have outgrown the world of school and are ready to act - and look like an adult. They are bold and need bold jewelry to match. It’s ~almost~ as if the Gigi Bracelet was made for them. IMHO this is the go-to piece of the year. That chunky, gold 90’s inspired statement look is in. Whether you’re leaving your house or not, it’s a fun way for you grad to feel like an adult as they enter into this new phase of life.