The Best Gift For Your Galentine

In the wisest words of Leslie Knope, “You know my code: hoes before bros. Uteruses before duderuses…Ovaries before brovaries.”

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times. Leslie Knope is an (okay, fictional) national treasure, and the fact that she gave us the holiday of Galentine’s Day is something we can never repay her for. How did we even make it this far in the world without a holiday such as this? Okay, yes we have International Women’s Day in March, and Day of the Girl, and Mother’s Day. But there is something special about Galentine’s Day. It’s made not as a competitive holiday to Valentine’s Day, or in an attempt to replace the holiday, but in conjunction with it. A day to recognize you can celebrate the love and devotion you have to your nearest and dearest gal pals with the same enthusiasm you have for your significant other.

As a women-run company, we love this ideal. We love to promote women and celebrate them any chance we get. There is a special bond between girlfriends, and while you may tell your friends often how much you love them, the chance to make a show of it with fun meals and bottles of wine and cards and presents is a treat!

I don’t know about you, but I have a vivid memory of this half heart necklace that had the words “friends” on it that I insisted on wearing for about 4 days after getting it then promptly forgot about until my mom made me clean out that box of childhood memorabilia when I moved away to college. It was the partner necklace to another half heart that said “best,” and that partner necklace was owned by my (you guessed it) best friend, who lived across the street from me for the majority of my life (still best friends, hi Jordan!!). While I stand by the sentiment of this, jewelry is not just a gift to be exchanged between significant others, I do find myself a bit opposed to wearing a half heart with a jagged edge around as a reminder of my best friend. My taste in jewelry has matured but my desire to match my friends most definitely has not.

Thankfully, there are many ways to match your friends without the half broken heart. I, for one, am leaning towards the classic Coordinate Bar Necklace with the address of Jordan and I’s old neighborhood where we grew up. That’s a classy yet nostalgic way for us to keep with us that little piece of childhood. We both know what it means and it’s a place that’s unique to us. Not everyone is BFF's with their old neighbors though.

Maybe you have a group of gal pals from college that you are still close with, and you have a not so secret pet name for said friends and you feel it’s time you make it official and put it on a necklace. Okay, is it obvious I’m talking about myself again? Fine. My friends from college call ourselves the Krew. Which is born from a very silly story, as most things in college are, but has stuck with us for over five years now. So now I’m looking at ordering four sets of the Nella Mini Nameplate, emblazoned with “Krew” because say it loud and proud or don’t say it at all, ya know?

Or also you could just keep it simple. Instead of writing a 5,000 word essay a la Leslie Knope, about why you love your friends so much, you could all simply wear a bracelet that matches. I’ve had my eye on the Brynn Bracelet since we launched it, and while there’s no sentimental value to it, the sentiment can come from knowing that all of your Galentines will think of each other every time they choose to put it on.

Now go out and tell all of your poetic and noble land mermaids how much you love them!!