Stackable Rings

What Does Stackable Rings Mean?

Stackable rings are naturally trendy and come in a variety of designs. Simply put, they are rings that you can wear on your finger at the same time. They sit on top of each other to create a beautiful look. They can be a set of two or three, depending on your preference. However, there are no specific rules for stacking up your rings. Therefore, a stacking ring can be any set of rings that you can wear together. Whether it’s your anniversary bands or a set of fashion rings, you should feel free to stack them as you wish and also how many you want. 

However, there are some tips you can think about if you’re aiming to get the best look from a stackable ring:

  • Keep to matching style when selecting your matching rings (all gold, rose gold or silver)
  • The thinner the rings, the better the fit and comfort
  • Buy the stacking rings together or from the same place, they’re more likely to fit together

Matching Styles

Matching style does not mean that the stacking rings should have matching gemstones. Stacking rings can sometimes even look better if the gemstones vary in color and design! The key is, similar bands that look similar even when the gemstone doesn’t match. When similar rings with unlike gemstones are combined, they are have a fun and bright feel . For example, you could pick the Holly Pearl Ring and pair it with any of the Nola Gemstone Rings . Pairing your stacking ring can be a great fashion statement.

There are no rules to matching your rings. Therefore, just let your imaginations and artistic sense guide you. You can choose to either keep the colors simple or alternate between different colors.



The Thinner The Ring, The Better The Fitting And Comfort

When selecting your stacking rings, thinner rings are ideal and better looking. They also provide better comfort on the fingers. However, it depends on the style and type of ring you choose for stacking. Shape and style can affect the size of the stacking ring. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of trying to pair rings yourself, we have just the answer, too! Our Ivey Extra Thin Ring Set was made for a situation such as this. Why do all the work when we’ve already done it for you?

The essential thing to keep in mind is that the ring should be comfortable to wear. You might consider trying various rings to see which ones feel more comfortable on your finger. For instance, if your stacking ring does not allow you to bend your finger freely, consider going for another option, or taking one of the rings off the stack. Stacking rings should not feel constricted or discomforting to wear – in fact – just the opposite, the benefit of stacking rings is they allow more movement with a bigger more dramatic looking piece.

Ensure The Rings Fit Perfectly Together

If your goal is to have a seamless fit with your stackable rings, flat stackable rings works best together. They provide a more elegant and chick look when they fit perfectly.

If you are looking for thin flat stackable rings, the Maren Extra Thin Ring is a good example. They are only thin in size and flat, providing comfort and fits almost every finger.



What Finger Do You Wear Stackable Rings On?

There are no specific rules to which finger you should wear your stackable rings. Try creating a balanced look by combining different designs. You can begin with rings of the same metal, but varying gemstones. Or if you have one chunky ring on one hand, put your stacking rings on the other.

Depending on the reason behind your stackable rings, the finger you choose to wear it on may vary. Some people wear their stacking ring on their wedding finger in place of their wedding ring. Others wear the stacking ring on all their fingers as a strong fashion statement. It all depends on how creative and comfortable you want to get.

How Do You Stack Rings On Your Finger?

When stacking your rings, go simple. Start with one main ring. Once you choose the features of your main ring, finding other rings to complement it becomes easier. The Maren Classic Ring can be a good foundation to build your entire stacking around.

When stacking your rings, avoid cluttering the look. Learn to leave at least one finger bare for better visual appeal. Many people choose to leave the thumb and the pinky finger.  However, you can play around your fingers and see what works best for you.

Combine different types of metals but keep one metal as the main color to build around. For example, you can choose to make rose gold your dominant color when stacking your rings and add a silver ring for a pop of something fun.

You can introduce accent rings to your stacking to make it stand out.  Accent ring has a way of complimenting your stack and make them have a bit more pizzaz. Just as the name signifies, accent rings are uniquely designed to stand out. Their design may include gems with brilliant colors, like the Nola Gemstone with a turquoise stone.

When stacking your rings, you might want to consider the color of your outfit first. Blending the colors of your ring with your outfit can trendy. However, as I mentioned earlier, go wild, put your imagination to work. Settle with what makes you feel the most comfortable.

The only limit to what you can do with your stacking rings is only in your imagination. Therefore, go ahead and be creative with your design. Do what best appeals to you, and be sure you are comfortable with your result