Paperclip Jewelry

Paperclip jewelry is one of the hottest and most enduring trends in women’s jewelry right now. Everyone is loving the simple elegance and easy style of paperclip necklaces and paperclip bracelets. As the name implies paperclip jewelry looks like chains of paperclips looped together, something you may have made as a child. The new sophisticated take on these paperclip chains is achieved with warm golds or silver in a variety of sizes from delicate, thin chain links to thicker loops with personalized pendants.

This minimalist look has maximum buy-in right now, from influencers, celebrities, and people just like you. And for good reason. Paperclip jewelry, with its clean lines and delicate design, is lightweight, easy to wear, and sits perfectly with the pieces of jewelry in your collection. It also happens to look good with just about anything you have in your wardrobe. Paperclip jewelry is versatile enough to suit both everyday wear and your most glamorous evening gown.  

Simple, classic Paperclip Jewelry styles that are ready to shop

Brook & York has curated a classic collection of paperclip necklaces, bracelets and earrings, the perfect addition to your arsenal of jewelry.  

 paperclip bracelet with heart charm

Peruse their Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for a sophisticated selection of paperclip chain necklaces and bracelets including personalized gifts for her. For example, the Isabel Heart Bracelet or Madeline Two Initial or Three Initial layering sets present the perfect opportunity to add a personalized message for someone you love.

From the dainty Nella nameplate choker to the chunkier and bolder Marci bracelet, there is a style suited to every taste, ready to shop.

 paperclip choker necklace with ella nameplate

Find your length

One of the best parts of paperclip chains is that each loop or paperclip link can act as a place to clasp, allowing you to vary the length of your paperclip jewelry whenever you wish. This gives you much more flexibility to use your paperclip jewelry to suit many occasions and outfits. In the end, the paperclip trend is all about finding the look that suits you.

Long paperclip chain necklaces are perfect for complementing that deep neckline on your favorite cocktail dress while a shorter chain will pair perfectly with a higher collar and can add some elegance to your go-to, everyday round-collar sweater.

Paperclip earrings can also be just a few chains or more, depending on the statement you want to make. Choose a paperclip bracelet that sits snugly around the wrist or something slightly longer that you can clasp at the wrist, keeping a few chains free to flow under your arm.

When it comes to design, the length of the paperclip or link element itself can vary. Long paperclips chained together create an airy aesthetic while a more block-like short link gives off a bold and modern feel.

Choose your style

There are actually many different paperclip styles to choose from and the look is by no means a one size fits all. For the person who loves that dainty look, fine linked chains on a necklace, bracelet or even earrings would be suitable. Another slim style is a paperclip chain necklace with a few paperclip chains hanging down vertically from the necklace as a kind of paperclip pendant.

The Brook & York Colette paperclip chain necklace is the classic core piece every woman should have in her collection. It is airy and graceful and goes well with just about anything. This is the perfect piece for women who love soft, feminine looks. The Finnley necklace offers a different paperclip style with a double paperclip link. This style is ideal for the woman who leads rather than follows new trends.  

For a bolder or more modern look, thicker chains or links make a powerful statement when worn with your suit at work or a striking statement in glamor when worn out at night.  

 esme necklace

The Esme necklace is a 6mm width chain with 17” flat oval links, a look that is ideal for the woman with natural flair. Pair it with the Esme bracelet or Esme anklet, all exquisite gifts for her.

A more traditional paperclip jewelry style can be something like the classic Coco Chanel design that takes a traditional chain with a few paperclips scattered throughout the design.

When it comes to paperclip bracelets, there are plenty of styles to select from. One very popular style is the combination or half-half bracelet. Brook & York’s half paperclip, half pearl bracelet is a beautiful combination of the paperclip style and natural freshwater pearl. The pearl offsets the simplicity of the paperclip chain to create a look perfect for special occasions or a night out with the girls.

Layered paperclip jewelry looks

The real beauty of your paperclip jewelry is that it layers well with a wide range of other jewelry styles. Layer your classic chain with a simple paperclip necklace for an understated yet refined look. Thicker herringbone chains also pair wonderfully with a plain paperclip necklace.

Another way to layer is to layer different styles of paperclip jewelry together. A modern link necklace goes well with a long, thin paperclip chain. If you are looking for a naturally pretty look, a paperclip and pearl combination necklace sits elegantly along with your traditional paperclip. Or wear your paperclip chain necklace layered with a diamond necklace for a more elevated look.

Brook & York takes care of the layering for you with pre-designed layering sets like the Willow layering set or the Callie layering set. These sets are your key to instant style with two chains perfectly matched to take the guesswork out of layering. The pendant in the Callie layering set can also be personalized with your monogram, adding a unique layer to your personal style.

How to personalize your paperclip pieces

A paperclip necklace or paperclip bracelet is an excellent staple piece of jewelry to have in your collection. Keep a few that you can mix, match or layer with other pieces in your box.

Add a personalized pendant, a charming and considered gift for your Valentine. Pendants can be personalized with an engraved message, name or significant date, something your loved one will adore you for. Brook & York’s Isla elongated link locket is a cute way for your love to keep a special memory close to their heart. The locket can also be engraved with your loved one’s name or initials for a gift so unique, they will cherish it forever.

If you are looking for custom jewelry that you can wear every day, a nameplate necklace or bracelet makes a fine gift to give yourself. Wear your name with pride, looking stylish and sophisticated contrasted with the simplicity of the paperclip chains. Brook & York offers various nameplate styles and fonts to help you pick the one that feels most personal to you.

Other gifts for her that she is guaranteed to love are the link and locket necklaces or a charm set necklace. The Jane charm set necklace includes a pendant charm that can be personalized with a name or initials.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to get in on the paperclip jewelry trend. Because of its ability to complement all other styles, its popularity doesn’t seem to be waning anytime soon. Keep a few staple paperclip chain necklaces or paperclip bracelets in your collection and wear them on their own for an everyday look or mix and layer them with a few different styles to suit your occasion.

Brook & York designs jewelry for modern life, transcending styles and seasons. Ethically crafted with a commitment to community and sustainability, each piece designed is meant to inspire self-expression and confidence, connecting you to your most meaningful moments. Inspired by and made in America, each piece is proudly manufactured in Rhode Island with locally sourced materials and personalized on their premises in Old Saybrook. Find your most memorable piece here at Brook & York.