Our Favorite Meaningful Necklaces For A Girlfriend

Nothing makes a woman happier than being given a piece of jewelry. Yes, jewelry is gorgeous and sparkly and fun, but there is also a special significance behind it. It takes time and thought to pick out a necklace or a pair of earrings. One has to consider a woman’s taste, her style and what looks good on her. Also, handbag trends come and go, but jewelry is forever. No matter her age or size, a woman can wear a gift of jewelry forever. At brook & york, we specialize in timeless custom jewelry that always makes a meaningful gift for the woman you love.

Personalized jewelry styles make incredible girlfriend gifts. Women love to wear something different than their friends and when a necklace or bracelet is engraved or personalized, it truly takes it to the next level. There are so many options when buying a personalized jewelry gift. A great way to go is a custom necklace for a girlfriend. We love the Madeline Two Initial Pendant necklace for so many reasons. The classic design is sure to fit with any woman’s taste and it will never go out of style. Your girlfriend will adore the engravable disc pendants. Here is where we encourage creativity. Maybe you choose to engrave each pendant with her initial or decide that the one pendant will have your initial and the other wil have hers. Either way, this necklace is a meaningful gift that shows your dedication to her and her style. Another necklace that is especially meaningful and romantic is the Double Bar Necklace. This delicate style features two engravable bars that are perfect for displaying both of your names. She will adore flaunting this romantic necklace to all of her friends and also appreciate its classic look.

Also, meaningful, but playful is surprising your girlfriend with a nameplate necklace. The Fiona Nameplate necklace has cool block lettering and offers so many versatile name options. Of course you can choose your girlfriend’s name which is always a safe and sweet gesture, but there are other ways to get creative. Turn the tables and put your first name so she is never without you by her heart. Also, maybe you have given her a cute nickname or another term of endearment. Feature that on the necklace and make her smile every time she looks in the mirror. If she is more of a bracelet girl, treat her to the Fiona Nameplate Bracelet. This is an on-trend way to sport the custom trend and she can also layer other bracelets you have given her for a truly meaningful bracelet stack. 

Engagement rings might be a purchase in the future, but there are other rings that make meaningful girlfriend gifts.  Our ring philosophy is always, the more, the merrier. 

Brook & york’s selection of rings represent both modern and classic styles that will definitely suit the girl who labels herself a fashionista. Lately, wearing rings on every finger has become a fun trend. Take advantage of this trend and treat her to a few rings that are not only fashion-forward but also have plenty of meaning. Start off with a classic signet ring. There is nothing cooler than a custom monogram on a signet ring. We recommend the Charlie Signet Ring for its bold look and style details. Choose the monogram that you think best represents your girlfriend’s style from our varied selection. Balance the look of the signet ring with a more delicate ring like our Everly Initial Ring. Instead of using her initial, choose your initial and make the gift even more romantic.  One more option is the Kira Roman Numeral Bar Ring. This ring is truly special because it is engraved with a date, rather than a name. Your anniversary is the perfect choice and she will love the subtlety of the roman numerals and the careful attention to detail. If you love the idea of roman numerals, we also offer the Gwen Roman Numeral Cuff Bracelet which features the numerals on a simple adjustable cuff bracelet. 

There are so many ways to buy meaningful jewelry for your girlfriend. Custom engraved pieces are delicate, versatile and can express your feelings in a variety of ways. Go with what you like and she is guaranteed to love it just as much as you do.