New Collections - Charms

Charms – the unique custom jewelry that’s all about you. These timeless accessories are an easy-to-wear style that’s made to last. With so many designs and shapes to choose from, these cute accents can be some of the most versatile jewelry pieces out there. Though traditionally worn on charm bracelets, brook & york is delighted to introduce you to your new best friend. 

Introducing our new Charm Necklace Collection. 

Designed to host up to three charms each, our new Madeline Charm Necklace and Colette Charm Necklace feature an easy-to-use hinge clasp along the front of some of our most popular chain styles. This dainty circle clasp prevents your charms from slipping around as you go through your day. Choose between the Madeline’s sweetly structured satellite chain and the Colette’s elongated link chain for a gold charm necklace that can accentuate any evening outfit or classy attire. 

Once you’ve decided, shop a number of delicate gold charms to maintain a regularly updated look. From heart charms, to pearl charms, to custom engraved charms, our collection of available charms creates a go-to, yet personalized look for every day. Even the order you place them in can carry unique meaning! It’s also possible to keep things simple by using only a single stunning charm or wearing the chain solo for an understated, elegant look. 

Create a special combination of charms for a loved one or pick out a few favorites to treat yourself. Custom charm pendants are lovely gifts for her that keep on giving, no matter the outfit, style, or mood. Perfect for birthdays and romantic anniversaries alike, charm necklaces are a lasting design that make gift-giving easier for many occasions to come, as you can always give your loved one another charm to memorialize a special day. Enjoy a trendy brook & york treat made just for you and shop a new staple necklace.