Nantucket Great Point and Nobadeer Enamel Pendants

For Now and Brook & York Introduce: The Nantucket Great Point Pendant and the Nantucket Nobadeer Enamel Pendant.

There is something special about the ocean air, the sand beneath your feet and the way the sun glistens over the ocean as the wave break against the shore. It is the feeling of Nantucket Island. A magical place that honors its nautical history while celebrating the Nantucket style that is known across the globe. This is a location that takes ahold of your soul and creates summer memories never to be forgotten. A place like this needs the perfect keepsakes that will keep the island close to your heart. Those keepsakes are the Nantucket Great Point Pendant and the Nantucket Nobadeer Enamel Pendant.

 Nantucket Pendants

Brook & York have already had a retail partnership with For Now at their store in Boston, MA and are pleased to announce that we have collaborated on two beautiful pendants. The two necklaces both prominently showcase the distinctive and iconic shape of the island. The Nantucket Great Point Pendant is all gold reminiscent of golden light that comes up in the morning over the Nantucket Harbor. The Nantucket Nobadeer Enamel Pendant has navy enamel surrounding the golden island that make one think of the ocean where wooden sailboats race across the waves.

 Nantucket Great Point Pendant

These pendants are a reminder of summer bliss whether you get one or both beautiful necklaces. You can find them online on the Brook & York and For Now websites or, as you travel the cobblestone streets of historic Nantucket, visit the For Now store located at 31 Center Street. The Nantucket Great Point Pendant and the Nantucket Nobadeer Enamel Pendant will also be sold at the For Now store in Seaport, MA.

Nantucket Nobadeer Enamel Pendant