Matching Your Necklace To Your Neckline

Having a jewelry wardrobe is as essential as having a clothing wardrobe. Variety is the spice of life and wearing the same earrings, necklace, bracelet and ring everyday tends to get boring and repetitive. Yes, we all have a go-to “uniform” like a favorite pair of jeans, cute top and suede booties, but even that gets boring on the reg. It is also important to have a jewelry wardrobe because all tops are not made the same. The necklace that pairs best with a v-neck or scoopneck top is going to differ from what looks great with a turtleneck or off-the-shoulder top. We have the 411 on what necklaces to pair with different necklines so you can not only rock the perfect outfit but have the perfect brook & york jewelry to go with it.

We all love a great v-neck top whether it is a plain white tee or yummy cashmere sweater. V-neck tops are a great canvas for necklace pairing. A choker necklace like the Colette choker is a natural match for a v-neck style. Its trendy chain link style and sleek fit will draw attention to your neckline without competing with it. Layering necklaces also works with a v-neck style. You can start with a choker and add a delicate pendant necklace. Our Madeline Two Initial pendant looks amazing with a choker style necklace. It has a nice length so it won’t compete with the v-neckline, but will enhance it. The fact that the necklace is personalized is an added bonus and just furthers its “special factor”. This piece will become your go-to with a v-neck because it goes with everything, from a fitted date night top to a Sunday afternoon tunic. We are a huge fan of layering necklaces and our layering sets eliminate the guesswork. Our Emily layering set comes with two necklaces, a choker and a pendant that are the right sizes for wearing as a set. You have the option to personalize or you can keep it simple. Both of the pieces in the set were made for a v-neckline and instantly add cool girl factor to even the most basic tee.

A classic boatneck top is super flattering and elegant and can be a great choice for highlighting a brook & york necklace. Since a boatneck has a bolder presence than a crew or v-neck, we like something delicate as not to compete with the overall look. The Ellie necklace is delicate but gets a presence from the tiny discs hanging from the chain. It is not super long or short, but somewhere in the middle so it hits the boatneck in just the right spot. It looks especially chic in 14K gold plated brass when paired with a navy or black top. A longer necklace also makes a nice accent to a boat neckline. The Cami Charm Pendant necklace shows off three charms and has a chic long length. This works well with a boatneck because it does nothing to take away from the dramatic look of the neckline. It is also fun since it adds color and can be personalized for that signature brook & york touch.

The crewneck top is as classic as classic gets. Most of us have oodles of crewneck tees, tanks, dresses and sweaters in our closets. This neckline works with almost every type of necklace. We love a choker, like our simple Emma choker with its mini box chain design. For a more personalized look, the Nella Mini Nameplate choker also accents a crewneck style.These chokers are must haves because they pair well with our pendant necklaces to create on-trend layered looks. You can’t go wrong with the Luna Initial pendant. Its delicate charm and perfect length work with all crew necklines and create cool layered looks with chokers and longer styles. There is no right or wrong way to match your necklace to your neckline when you are sporting a crewneck. Have fun and the more the merrier.

Turtlenecks are super chic (Hello Audrey Hepburn) and also super cozy. It is easy to find necklaces that enhance the everlasting style of a turtleneck. Long necklaces are an obvious and flattering option. They do not take away from the turtleneck but only add to its cool factor. A strand of big colorful beads is a bold choice or something more delicate like brook & york’s Eloise Lariat. This long and linear style creates a presence without competing with the neckline. Lariat necklaces are a must have for any jewelry wardrobe and also make a great base for a layered look. Our Rose pendant is also perfect with a turtleneck. Its square shape and long length are a natural match for any neckline and it can be customized with a name or initials for that added touch. 

Matching your neckline to your necklace is a fun experiment in styling, layering and shopping. Remember, always go with what works with your personal style and the more jewelry is always a great idea!