March Influencer Round Up: International Women's Day Edition

We've *almost* made it through March, and we don't know about you guys but this month has been quite the ADVENTURE. While we know there is so much going on in the world, one thing that March has always been good for is celebrating women, for their brains and their many talents! While we have many brave women and men around the world showing their strength of spirit, earlier this month we highlighted a few special women on International Women's Day who were wearing our favorite Girl Boss Necklace


"Being a Girl Boss to me means following my dreams, staying true to my values, and inspiring other women to succeed." - 


 "International Women’s Day is to celebrate each and every Women out there who is Brave & Strong to work on her life goals." - @vivacious_wish

"It's import to acknowledge those who have pushed the boundaries of STEM industries & share what it means to be a woman in STEM, hopefully inspiring younger generations to consider similar careers." - @blondiexliz

"A girl boss doesn't just fight for herself. She lifts up those around her." - @britomen

If you have a brook & york piece you love wearing a certain way - share a pic and tag @brookandyork, maybe you’ll end up as one of our fav photos of the month!