Layering Season

And just like that, the year is coming to a close. Okay, okay maybe not quite yet. But, we did have to turn on our heat this week and finally break out the sweaters - which means we’re getting there. While there are so many reasons to dread the colder months, I’ll be the first to admit I get giddy when breaking out that box of big chunky sweaters packed away beneath my bed. It’s like you get a whole new wardrobe twice a year! There are boots I forgot I owned, more wool socks than a girl could wear and turtlenecks calling my name. You hear what I’m saying now, don’t you? The opportunities feel endless when you have more items of clothing to wear. Gone are the days of one dress and sandals, gone are the days where you think “will I or won’t I need my jean jacket.” Now you know, when you walk out that door you are entering my favorite season of all: Layering Season.

Yes, I said that Layering Season is my favorite, and I stand by that. Unless you ask me in say, May or June when I may or may not sing a different tune. But for now I stand by it. Layering season serves as an opportunity to take all the things you love and wear them all at once. You can wear the same shirt three times in a row, but depending on what goes over it it looks different. You can also change throughout the day based on the temperature of the room you are in or the feel of the place you’re going for dinner. The more the merrier stands true here, too. 

Now, like I said, layering season only works for one, maybe two, seasons a year. That’s why, I am also a big fan of layering season for jewelry. Because layering season for jewelry is, coincidentally, every season. Come spring or summer you can find me layering my look with basically the same handful of jewelry. Not that I don’t have enough pieces of jewelry to go around, I just lean towards what I know. And what I know is a good layer. 



Do you ever spend a long time trying to decide what to wear and then you just put a coat over it and all your hard work has gone to waste? Yeah, we’ve all been there. Sometimes all you’ve got to work with is your neck. So why not take advantage of that real estate. The Emily Necklace is a great personalized staple that goes with everything, but sometimes with pieces like that it’s easy to feel like you’re over wearing it. News flash: if you love wearing it you can never wear it too much (says someone who wears the same necklace almost every day, but would I lead you astray?!). But that doesn’t mean occasionally it’s fun to mix it up! So first up, throw on another personalize piece because why not? Maybe you have a personalized piece with your initials and then one with your partners? Or your daughters? Or both of them have yours on them and no one should care! The Lila Pendant if fun because it has more of what we love, with some extra flair, a few bling-y pieces to keep it exciting. And then to round it all off, a choker is always the way to go. So often I’ll throw on my Charlotte Choker to make it interesting. A choker often pairs so nicely with a personalized piece (or two), it completes the look. 



While necklace layering is fun I don’t feel like I’m really saying anything revolutionary, just more of a friendly reminder about the thing we all know and love. However, something that may shake you to your core is when I tell you I am also a big fan of LAYERING BRACELETS. Okay, not quite as shocking as you thought? Still. I would argue that more often than not you throw on one bangle and head out the door. But with a vanity full of bangles I so rarely have the opportunity to wear, might I suggest throwing them all on at once, on a day you’re just going to work? Or just out for a casual drink? Or even - I’m going to say it - the grocery store? They’re a look that we love and think is the key to fitting in all your favorite bracelets. I always think it’s great to start with a couple chunky ones, like the Maren Cuff or the Bow Cuff. Sometimes I pair it with a personalized piece like the Holly Pearl Cuff, and sometimes I leave all my pearl faves like the Ella Pearl Wide Cuff and the Camila Pearl Cuff for my other wrist. And fear not - if pairing cuff isn’t your game, the brook & york Cape Cuff set was made for you. 


That’s it. That’s my ode to layering this layering season! If this hasn’t convinced you it’s the best time of year, I really don’t know how to help you.