July Influencer Round up

July is one of those months that's classically summer. In most places it's warm, it's sunny, it's peak summer. You don't really wake up and think "will I be cold today?" because you usually know before even opening your eyes that it's going to be a scorcher. Which means minimal clothing, and to compensate, maximum accessories. Anything that doesn't make you sweatier, but helps make your outfit better. Even if you're just moving from bedroom to living room to backyard (if you're lucky enough!), there's no reason not to make it an occasion. Or what we've been doing, which is stacking a bunch of necklaces and bracelets (okay and anklets) on every day and just rolling with it. The more the merrier. It's that kind of summer.

But don't take our word for it. We saw our pieces all over the place this month, but have gathered up a few of our favorites to see how they wore our favorite Brook & York pieces. The theme this month appeared to be layering sets and honestly, we can't blame the people, that's the perfect way to pair together classic B&Y pieces. 


 @genuinely_aa wearing our Stella Layering Set  a perfect example of layering on the go!

@sherligarcia in this amazing video showing the perfect glint of her gold Maisie Layering Set.

 @yourstrulyyinka in the Willow Layering Set, paired with a classic button-up. A perfect pair. 


@lexiepuzon showing us a different way to style the Stella Layering Set. You can really never go wrong with this!