It's A...... Blog!

Brook. Also, York. A name with two meanings, a name that is fun and easy yet tells you - and reminds us - exactly who we are. When we started our company, we wanted it to mean something, we wanted it to represent who we were. Who was designing the jewelry, who was selling the jewelry, who was buying the jewelry. A uniquely East Coast brand, our name represents the two parts that make us whole. Our offices reside in Old Saybrook, CT and New York City. Makes a little more sense now, doesn’t it? 

So welcome! We’re doing this new cool thing where we’re blogging about us! We’re blogging about our jewelry and how we are currently wearing it. We’re talking about who is talking about us, who is posting about us on social media right now because it’s fun to see that other people are loving what you’re loving at the moment, right? We also will talk about the cities we’re in, fun things to do there and maybe find out where you’re located, see what you’re up to. Plus some self care and celeb fun because honestly it’s almost the end of the year and we’re ready to start preparing for that new year refresh. 

Brook & York takes pride in who we are, but that includes you as well. It’s not only the women that run Brook & York that make it the unique company it is, it’s the women that wear Brook & York. One of our most popular pieces is the bar necklace, for good reason. Including us in helping you create customized pieces that hold meaning to you, that you wear and carry with you so closely, is something we don’t take for granted. Whether it’s the coordinates of your hometown, the date you got married, or the name of your child - we value being a part of taking these memories with you wherever you go. 

So all this being said, we’re excited about this thing we’re doing! And we’re excited to hear from you! What’s that they say, teamwork makes the dream work? Yeah, we’re doing cheesy sayings on this blog and we’re not even sorry about it! Being a part of a #girlgang is #goals, so we’re working towards it. I’m sorry, that was one too many, we’re just really excited, okay?!