Everything You Need To Know About Coordinate Jewelry

What is coordinate jewelry?
If you are looking for a chic way to commemorate a special location, coordinate jewelry is perfect for you. Whether you want to memorialize a wedding location, girls trip, or first date spot creating coordinate jewelry is a breeze. Once you share the physical address of your special location, we convert that address into coordinates to be engraved on the style that you have chosen. Coordinate jewelry is available in necklaces, bracelets, and rings in a variety of styles so you can create the perfect personalized piece that fits your style.

How do you find the coordinates? / How do I find latitude and longitude of an address?
With brook & york you can leave the details to us! As long as you know the physical address of the location you wish to commemorate, we will convert it into coordinates for you. When you select a coordinate jewelry style, you will see an address text box, directly above a map which will pinpoint the address you select. Once you enter the address, the coordinates that match that location will be shown below the text box and above the map for you to preview. These will be the coordinates engraved on your selected jewelry style.

What are coordinates bracelets?
Coordinate bracelets are styles that allow for the engraving of a special location close to your heart. Because they allow ample room for engraving, cuff, bangle, and bar plate bracelets are perfect styles to create a coordinate bracelet. Once you pick your style, all you need is the physical address of your desired location and we will convert it into coordinates for you. Coordinate bracelets are a great way to remember a wedding venue, first date, special trip, or any place that you hold dear.