Christmas Gift Guide

Finally, our complete jewelry gifting guide for Christmas 2021. We’ve already covered gifting suggestions for mom and your love, but what about jewelry for the other wonderful women in your life? Your best friend, sister, or even your granddaughter each carries a unique opportunity to shine. For the best 2021 Christmas gift picks, check out some of brook & york’s favorites! 


Gifts for your Best Friend: 

Your BFF, soul sister, sister-from-another-mister, or whatever you call her, is your go-to gal for any adventure. No matter the ups and downs, your best friend has always been someone you can rely on. For holiday jewelry fit for her, we’d recommend two options. First, initial jewelry. Whether you jam out at concerts together or hike on the reg, matching initial necklaces are a great way to show off your friendship. Our Nella Initial Pendant is a beautiful gold, silver, or rose gold handmade necklace just for her. This gift necklace has the perfect amount of personalization without going overboard and makes a sweet present. If you’d prefer to give her a more iconic, unique gift, try one of our new statement pendants! Your bold bestie will love the gleam of opalite or crystal in our Salina, Talulla, and Catalina pendants. These gold necklaces are large enough for solo wear, but dainty enough to layer with her favorite chain necklaces. 


Gifts for your Sisters: 

We all have love/hate relationships with our siblings, but when it comes to the holidays, you always want to wish them a merry Christmas. Make her holiday one to remember with a pretty necklace she can’t help but admire. For our sisters, we recommend gifting our Cameron Heart Charm Pendant or Bracelet. This funky heart design comes on a gold chain and emphasizes your admiration for them. For something a little less casual but still meaningful, consider shopping an ornate monogram necklace. Our hand cut Fulton Classic Monogram and Brooklyn Block Monogram necklaces offer two beautiful styles for their three-letter monogram. Choose from a curling script or modern block letters for a custom necklace that perfectly suits her. 


Gifts for the Woman Who’s Hard to Shop For: 

If the phrase “difficult to shop for” immediately brought your aunt, grandma, or even a close coworker to mind, we completely understand. Sometimes she likes one style, and at other times totally rocks another. With that in mind, we pulled a few products that are universal faves. First, it’s hard to go wrong with a meaningful necklace or bracelet. Custom engraved bracelets like our Stella Pearl Toggle Bracelet or personalized name necklaces like our Nella Mini Nameplate Necklace are a great pick for their wardrobe flexibility and are personally relevant. These choices are great for everyday jewelry and are friendly enough to gift to anyone without being too intimate of a choice. 

If you are closer to the woman in mind, seek out jewelry styles that emphasize togetherness. Our Madeline Initial Pendant is a great way to carry both of your initials around like a friendship necklace, and our Double Bar Necklace comes custom engraved with a name and a date. If the day you two met was particularly memorable, this is a sweet gift she’ll appreciate the meaning behind. This style is also available with a date and custom location coordinate engraving. 


Gifts for Kids 

Jewelry for kids can be hard to figure out because they’re at such an exploratory stage in their life. Your daughter might like a lot of color in her jewelry while your niece might prefer bold fashion jewelry. This Christmas, we recommend shopping for some fundamental styles great for any age. Our Callie Bracelet is a beautiful gold charm bracelet also available in a colorful enamel version. This custom piece has her initial or monogram engraved along a uniquely elongated link chain. Other options for building up a young lady’s wardrobe include chain necklaces and chain bracelets. These subtle jewelry pieces can be used throughout her life to accent her choice of pendant or worn simply to elevate even a simple outfit. 

Our new charm necklaces may also be popular among kids. With the interactivity of choosing which charms to wear on a daily basis, it may encourage her to look forward to wearing your gift. Choose a few charms and the gold necklace you think she’ll prefer and give her a versatile gift she’ll love showing off to her friends. (Plus! Try using a custom ornament with her name as a gift tag for that extra special present!)