All About the Popular Coordinate Necklace

What is a coordinate necklace?
A coordinate necklace is any style that allows for the engraving of a special location. Your desired address is converted into latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates which are then engraved onto the necklace style of your choice for a personalized finish. Coordinate necklaces are a beautiful way to celebrate the memory of a wedding, special trip, engagement, or more. Choose from our bar necklace options to create a necklace that matches your own personal style while holding the memory of a special place close to your heart.


What coordinates would you engrave on a necklace?

The coordinates you choose to engrave on a custom necklace all come down to your personal memories and experiences. A location of a wedding venue, or engagement can commemorate your love and commitment. A first date, location of a memorable vacation, or somewhere a big event occurred such as the purchase of your first house can all be unique coordinates to create a chic necklace that also reminds you of that special place. There is no right or wrong place to celebrate on a necklace so long as it is meaningful to you!