Bangle Bracelet Questions

What is a bangle bracelet?

A bangle bracelet is a more rigid and traditionally completely closed style with no adjustable closure. The band on a bangle can range in thickness to provide a variety of finishes from simple chic to statement. Bangle bracelets with smooth metal finishes are ideal canvases for personalization. Adding engraving to a bangle provides a custom finish to a style ideal for both everyday wear and layered looks.

Can you have an engraved bangle bracelet?

Bangle bracelets serve as an excellent foundation for engraving. Bangles provide a large smooth surface to showcase custom engraving, and even thinner styles are normally wide enough for delicate engraving. The meaning of a bracelet as a gift is often tied directly to the personalization on the bracelet itself, so adding custom engraving to a bracelet can create a heartfelt, fashionable gift. An important date, the location of a special place, monograms and more make great personalization options on a bracelet for a custom finish.