All About Locket Necklaces

What is a Locket Necklace?

A locket is a kind of pendant on a necklace that opens in a way to allow its owner to place tiny things inside. Lockets are a special kind of jewelry that is personal to their owner. Whether it was received as a gift or picked for a collection, it always holds a special meaning. 

History of Locket   

Many of us are familiar with locket necklaces. However, very few of us know the rich history behind this piece of jewelry. You may be wondering how lockets came to become very popular throughout different centuries and civilizations. Lockets have evolved as centuries passed.

The 1400s
At this period in history, lockets existed as rings, brooches, and necklaces. Wearers put different things inside the locket. Some of the things people put inside the locket include cut out portraits, rare gems, herbs, good-luck charms, etc. During this era, they were also aroma lockets available in the market. The purpose of the lockets was to wear as a sort of perfume -  the trick behind these lockets was usually a scented material placed inside the locket.
The 1600s
Supporters of Charles I of England placed his photos in their lockets after his death. During the era, the act of putting pictures of the dead in a locket became trendy. Lockets became popular at the time as an act of remembrance, which earned the name Mourning Jewelry.
The 1700s
Mourning jewelry became more popular during this period. It became a common sight to see people who lost their loved ones or relatives wearing lockets. Inside these lockets were the photos of their loved ones.
The 1800s
The queen wore a locket in memory of Prince Albert after he passed. She wore it throughout her grieving and even after grieving. From this point, lockets transcended from being mourning jewelry to become a fashion item.
From past centuries up till this moment, individuals have used lockets to hold:
  • Good-luck charms
  • Herbs
  • Medicine
  • Piece of paper with significant text on it
  • A strand of hair
  • A short Love letter
  • A portrait
Most lockets in the past and presently contains a photo of a loved one, family, or a significant other.

Are lockets a good gift?

A locket can be the perfect gift for many occasions. It has so many variations and beautiful styles to select from depending on your taste in fashion. On some occasions and events, giving a locket can be the perfect gift.

Valentine’s Day
As you shop for gifts for your significant other on Valentine’s Day, don’t forget that lockets like Isla long locket are less a simple and perfect reminder of the special love of this holiday. Putting a photo of you and your loved one will make it look more romantic and sweet.
Gifting loved ones and friends on their birthday is not a new idea. Our willow locket if great for a loved one, a perfect birthday gift that feels both personal and beautiful. People who can receive a locket include:
  • Fiancé
  • Children
  • Friends
  • Grandmother
  • Mother
  • Father
  • Grandchildren
Since lockets don’t go with seasons or particular occasions, they are an excellent choice for birthdays.
New Mother Gift
There’s nothing worth commemorating quite like new life! Giving a locket to a new mother is a simple and elegant way for her to carry her new babe with her always. Or at least a way for her to look back on those first few weeks and remember their birth.
Graduations could be one of life’s fulfilling accomplishments, and it is worth celebrating. Presenting a locket to the new grad can be a great way to commemorate this big milestone.
With modern customizations and styling, a little love, and creativity, a locket can be one of the best, highly prized, and treasured gifts you can give.  

What do lockets symbolize?

A locket symbolizes something you want to keep and cherish forever, for example, a special memory. We give romantic and timeless lockets to people we love dearly. In them, we affix a message or their photo. Lockets are very old yet still trendy.

Sometimes, lockets contain color that represent private message. Couples can also wear lockets instead of the ring as a show of love and commitment. Placing a photo of a loved one with a romantic message can be a lovely gesture for couples. 

What should I put in a locket?

There are many creative ways to personalize a locket necklace. Jewelry is generally a given as a symbol of love, friendship, or commitment. Lockets are more than just mere fashion items. They have a compartment where things of significant value can be preserved, for example:


A photograph of a loved one is the most common item people keep in lockets. Whether it’s a photograph of a close friend, spouse, parents, or children, the photo has to be that of someone close to your heart. The ideal way to wear a locket on a necklace is with the pendant resting on your chest. It serves as a gentle reminder of the love you share.


Engraved messages or symbols are a lasting reminder of something unique, romantic, and profound. Some of the popular messages you can put in a locket include:

  • Famous quotes
  • Short poems
  • Slogans
  • Love messages
  • Humor

However, you are free to customize your locket to your preference and according to how they make you feel.