All About Cuff Bracelets

What is a cuff bracelet?

A cuff bracelet is a style that wraps around your wrist with a small opening in order to be taken on and off with ease. The thickness of the band can vary and in some cases may be slightly adjustable to fit different wrist sizes more comfortably. For those who love the style of a cuff bracelet but are concerned about keeping the bracelet secure, some styles do include a chain with a lobster claw closure instead of the traditional opening. With a variety of style and customization options cuff bracelets are stylish additions to anyone's jewelry collection.

How do I keep my cuff bracelet from falling off?

Traditional cuff bracelets carry a unique style but can sometimes be difficult pieces for those with petite wrists or active lifestyles to keep secure throughout the day. To solve this dilemma brook & york offers a variety of cuff bracelet styles that have a chain with lobster claw closure in place of the traditional opening. This closure will keep your cuff bracelet secure without sacrificing the style that makes a cuff bracelet unique. But, if you prefer the more traditional style of cuff bracelets, try layering them with other bracelet styles or cuffs so that the bracelet sits further up your arm where it will be less likely to potentially slip off.

Can you personalize a cuff bracelet?

Personalization for cuff bracelets is available on a variety of styles. The engraving that we offer includes names, dates, coordinates, and roman numerals. The often smooth finish of a cuff bracelet provides a chic foundation for personalization. Each engraving option provides a unique custom finish which makes a personalized cuff bracelet an ideal gift for a loved one or a special treat for yourself.