A Different Kind of Save The Date

2019 has officially wrapped up and 2020 seems to be taking off at full speed!! I don’t know why I act surprised every year when I get to January, hoping to have a moment of peace and quiet, but I continue to run around like a madwoman. I think this is the first year on record that I am already used to writing 2020 because I’ve been preparing and planning for it for so long. That’s why, this past weekend when a friend of mine referenced the date she got engaged I was so surprised because that couldn’t have been only two months ago, could it? It got me thinking about how many dates this past year I have forgotten, for events both big and small. It might not be the day you got engaged, it could be the day you started a new job or moved somewhere new, or the day you finally got off of your parent’s cell phone bill (kidding, kind of). No matter the day - it’s worth taking note! Or as we do here at brook & york, wear it on a piece of jewelry.

Here is my official unofficial list of days worth remembering. Take it or leave it. Or tell us about what day you think it worth wearing on a cuff. We’re always open to new things (i.e. new jewelry….)

1. Gotcha Day - For Your Dog

 What’s the most important thing in your life? If you say your dog a) we totally feel that b) we say it’s worth celebrating and remembering. The Vertical Bar Necklace is a great way to go because this piece is great on its own or looks so fun layered with other pieces. 

2. The Day You Started Your Dream Job

 This is a day that’s worth remembering on a daily basis. On those days where your boss is stressing you out, or you’re stuck at work late, you can glance down at your Aria Roman Numeral Ring and think about how while the day isn’t your dream day, it’s your dream job and it’s worth working hard for. 

3. Moving Day (Out Of Your Parent’s House!) 

Whether it’s the day you graduated from college or December 31, 2019 a few years after your graduation date, the day you decided to spread your wings and fly right out of your parent’s basement (or upstairs bedroom or pull out couch) was a BIG day. Why not celebrate with a bold color on a bold wide cuff Lucy Date Bracelet? We’ll also hazard a guess that the move wasn’t the cheapest thing you ever did, so it's a good thing this bad boy is on sale.

4. First Date Commemoration

 Some wait until the one year anniversary to celebrate making it that far, but at the risk of being cheesy, sometimes you just know and want to remember. Sometimes your first date goes exactly the way it does in the movies and your butterflies don’t go away and you just want an everyday reminder of that. And while we’re here being cheesy I’ll just say it - CLOSE TO YOUR HEART. That’s where our simple, classic and heart adjacent Roman Numeral Bar Necklace comes in.