Hannah Birthstone Name Bar Necklace
Hannah Name Bar Necklace
Hannah Birthstone Name Bar Bracelet
Hannah Name Bar Bracelet
Elena Name Bar Bracelet
Harper Name Bar Choker
Harper Name Bar Necklace
Holly Pearl Name Bar Necklace
Kira Roman Numeral Bar Ring
Kira Name Bar Ring
Petite Name Bar Necklace
Quinn Name Bar Bracelet
Madison Vertical Bar Necklace
Date Vertical Bar Necklace
Roman Numeral Vertical Bar Necklace
Coordinate Vertical Bar Necklace
Sadie Roman Numeral Bar Bracelet
Gold Coordinate Bar Bracelet
Sadie Name Bar Bracelet
Coordinate Date Bar Necklace
Chloe Roman Numeral Bar Necklace
Double Bar Necklace
Date Bar Necklace
Roman Numeral Bar Necklace
Chloe Coordinate Bar Necklace

Bar Jewelry

Custom bar jewelry to wear everyday! Brook & York offers a large selection of bar necklaces, bar bracelets and bar rings. Each of the bar charms can be personalized either with a date, name, coordinate or roman numeral engraving. Simply choose the bar jewelry piece that you love and then decide which type of engraving you would like on the front of the gold, silver or rose gold bar for a pesonalized piece.

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